Who We Are

We improve your business by combining industry knowledge with machine learning and AI to create new insights. Forming a shared understanding of your business callenges and co-creating solutions is key to common success.

Our Mission

Helps making the hidden potential of data usable. Systematizes and analyzes data and searches for logical statistical patterns and visualizes the findings.

Simplify Analysis Proces

Improve Research Proces

Make Your Life Easier

Our Team

Our team is composed of experienced engineers from various domains, and is versatile enough to answer challenges requiring multidisciplinary knowledge. The team is well equipped for applying broad range of technologies and working on various platforms, making it capable of delivering either standalone solutions or plug-in based modules which can be easily integrated in an existing system. Team members experience includes working in areas like image/video processing, text mining, time series analysis and data visualization.

Our Expertise

System for monitoring and activity recognition of assembly workers using wireless wearable devices equipped with sensors to detect patterns, improve interaction with the manufacturing execution system and improve operator safety.

Prediction of electrical energy consumption for utility companies.

Providing consulting services to determine the best architecture and models for processing of structured and unstructured business data.

Movement detection and object tracking in videos.

Still image stitching – making high resolution mosaics from the set of aerial images/videos.

Chemical and medical image analysis – classification, detection and segmentation.

3D reconstruction, visualization and error measurement.

Extracting meaningful information from unstructured textual documents